Six Myths about Acne Debunked!

Acne rumors dispelled and great advice on how to stop that next breakout

There are a million rules for being a teenager and an adult. And there are a million things teenagers and adults have to do to get through each day, but adding acne to the to-do list can make it even more difficult. Acne at any stage of life can start to affect self-esteem if it becomes severe.

Our skin experts dispel rumors about acne and provide great advice on how to stop that next breakout.

First of all, what is acne? It is the result of oil-clogged pores and is characterized by bumpy, red, inflamed skin on the face or upper body, or both. Often the result of hormone imbalance, breakouts can also occur with the use of certain medications and cosmetics.

1. To clear up acne, get a tan.
Fact: While tanning may mask the appearance of acne, the sun can dry out the skin and cause more irritation. Plus the sun causes premature signs of aging and increases your chances of skin cancer.

2. Popping your pimple will make them go away faster.
Fact: While it may be hard to resist popping your pimples, resist the urge. Popping can push the bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil further into the skin causing more redness, swelling, and can lead to scarring. It’s better to apply gentle pressure with a clean, warm washcloth. And see your dermatology provider for serious breakouts.

3. The more you wash your face, the fewer breakouts you’ll have.
Fact: The best practice is to gently wash your face with a mild soap, being careful not to scrub, and pat your face dry when you’re done. While washing your face does remove dirt and oil from your pores, it can also cause dryness and irritation which promotes more breakouts.

4. What you eat causes breakouts.
Fact: Turns out, this may NOT be such a wives’ tale. Foods do not cause acne but they can aggravate the condition. Foods rich in sugars refined cereals, bread, cheese can trigger a virulent acne attack. Chocolates, nuts, and dairy products—though not directly responsible for acne can set off a chain reaction in people with sensitive blood sugar levels, inflaming existing acne. Iodine rich foods, clams, crabs, shellfish, liver, and also alcohol, caffeine are best avoided. Another silent cause of acne is vegetable oil.

The best foods to clear acne are fiber, oats, oat bran, lentils, fresh fruits, vegetables. Increase foods rich in minerals and vitamins. And drink lots of water.

5. Using more acne medications will stop breakouts.
Fact: Acne medications contain drying agents which may cause over-drying which can lead to irritation. A dermatologist can prescribe you medications and put on a usage schedule which will provide optimal skin-care to diminish your acne problems.

6: Wearing makeup can cause breakouts.
Fact: While some makeups can cause breakouts, if you use noncomedogenic cosmetics, they won’t cause your acne problem. In fact, some makeup now contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, both of which help fight acne. Just be careful what you are using on your face.

Your Skin Care Resources in East Idaho
If you are interested in improving your skin’s appearance and finding a solution to clearing up your acne once and for all, please call to schedule a skin consultation with one of our leading skin experts.

Adam D. Wray, DO
As an experienced dermatologist and skin cancer specialist, Dr. Wray of the Bingham Memorial Dermatology Center has extensive training in pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions, skin surgery, mole and wart removal, and skin cancer screenings. He enjoys spending time educating his patients about skin conditions and taking care of their needs by performing same-day biopsies, phototherapy, labs, and cosmetic procedures that enhance the skins look and feel. Dr. Wray is always welcoming new patients.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Wray, please call (208) 535-3637 in Idaho Falls, (208) 233-4455 in Pocatello and Soda Springs, or (208) 782-2930 in Blackfoot.

David Woodbury, PA-C

David’s current special interests are in medical dermatology—seeing patients for various medical skin diseases such as skin cancer, rashes, acne, spot checks, and full body skin checks. He has experience in minor outpatient procedures such as skin biopsies, skin cancer excisions, cryotherapy, and cyst/lipoma excisions.

To schedule a consultation with David, please call (208) 782-2930 in Blackfoot, (208) 535-3637 in Idaho Falls, or (208) 233-4455 for Pocatello, Malad, and Soda Springs.

Julia McGee, PA-C
Julia McGee, a skincare specialist, has the knowledge and skills required to help you with all your skincare needs. Julia sees patients on the first floor of the Bingham Memorial Medical Plaza in Blackfoot, and at the Physicians and Surgeons Clinic of Pocatello. To schedule a consultation, call her Blackfoot office at (208) 782-2930 or the Pocatello office at (208) 233-4455.

Our content is reviewed regularly and is updated when new and relevant evidence is made available. This information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new treatment or with questions regarding a medical condition.

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