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Please fill out the application below to ensure that we have all the information for us to work together.

Bingham Healthcare is proud to support projects that enhance our mission, vision, and commitment to community progress. As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, the hospital gives careful consideration to each request for donations, sponsorships, and other in-kind gifts.

All funding requests must be submitted through the online Donation and Sponsorship Application. Applications and supporting material should be given to the office of Public Relations or the Executive Assistant.

A committee designated by the hospital administrator meets on the third Monday of each month to review and allocate funding requests. This process can take several weeks to complete. It is recommended that you submit your application at least three months in advance of the time that you need funding to allow time to complete the review process.

It is the responsibility of the requesting party to ensure that the Donation and Sponsorship Application and any other requirements are completed in their entirety. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed for consideration.

The following questions are used by the review committee as they make decisions:

1.) Will funds provide an appropriate opportunity for Bingham Healthcare to create, build, and strengthen relationships with local organizations?

2.) Will funds support health improvement initiatives, programs, and educational efforts?

3.) Will the donation or sponsorship provide an appropriate opportunity for recognition and/or promotion of Bingham Healthcare, or one of its affiliates?

4.) Does the requesting party have a long-standing history of community service, or are they involved with a project that will benefit a substantial population in Bingham Healthcare’s service area?

5.) Will this donation enhance the public image of Bingham Healthcare?

6.) Was the entire application complete and presented to the committee for review?

7. Does our budget accommodate this request based on the above criteria?

You will be contacted by Bingham Healthcare by the 1st of the month if your application is approved. If you have any questions about requesting funds from Bingham Healthcare please contact the Public Relations office at 782-2886.

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