Bryan W. Johnson, PA-C

Speciality: Weight Loss


Physician Bio

We are pleased to introduce Bryan W. Johnson, PA-C, bariatric physician assistant. He works closely with Dr. Stewart Elvis Rendón, fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon and board-certified general surgeon, at Bingham Healthcare’s Empower Weight-Loss Program.

With nearly 15 years of medical experience, Bryan works with bariatric patients struggling with obesity and is involved in all aspects of patient care. He teaches preoperative patient education classes, evaluates patients prior to surgery, plans short- and long-term patient care, assists Dr. Rendón during bariatric surgery procedures, and carries out postoperative patient follow-up visits. He is instrumental in coordinating with our dietitians, mental health professionals, nurses, physicians, and insurance authorization experts to ensure the success of his patient’s healthcare plans and weight-loss goals. And, he is dedicated to providing compassionate, team-oriented, and comprehensive medical care to patients and their families.

When Bryan is not practicing medicine, he enjoys fitness activities, skiing, being in the outdoors, and traveling with his family.

Professional Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science and Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska/Interservice Physician Assistant Program
  • Certificate of Completion: General Surgery Fellowship from the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium
  • Received numerous awards during his 20-year service in the United States Air Force around the world


Idaho Falls, Specialty Clinics

Bingham Healthcare Specialty Clinic – Martha

1975 Martha Ave Suite A, Idaho Falls, ID 83406

Blackfoot, Specialty Clinics

Bingham Healthcare Specialty Plaza

326 Poplar Street, Blackfoot, ID 83221


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