Substance Use and Abuse Classes

Bingham Memorial Hospital is proud to begin offering classes for members of the community in need of substance use and abuse classes for education and support. Our classes focuses on individual factors (most often one-on-one) that includes: class participation activities, drug avoidance strategies, and the most current information involving drug interactions and regulations. Participants can feel confident in a safe environment, while they engage in learning practical skills to assist with substance use and drug abuse throughout every aspect of life. We find it essential to emphasize the importance of respecting each participant and understanding the subjective nature of addiction, while providing every participant rewarding, enduring direction. Our primary goal is to help those who are stuggling with substance use and drug abuse feel secure and prepared in overcoming drug use for today and for the future.

As of right now, Bingham is offering two paths: one that focuses on substance abuse and the other of illicit drug use that meets court criteria certification.

Renew hope and conquer addiction!

Enrollment: For more information, please call 208-785-3820 or email [email protected] to enroll in the next available class.

Location: Staley Classroom, Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot

Cost: $75.00

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