Congratulations to Our 2023-24 Core Values Champions

Congratulations to Pearl Toki, Nathan Scholes, Candice Flowers, and Nick Haslem for being nominated by your peers to represent Bingham Healthcare’s core values of accountability, compassion, innovation, and teamwork. We are proud to have you as part of the Bingham family!


Accountability: Nick Haslem – Front Office Receptionist

Nick is an amazing front office receptionist who fully exemplifies being accountable. He is someone who goes above and beyond to help patients at check in. He’s kind and patients always report how amazing he is. He is always smiling and has an upbeat personality. He is a nice guy and makes you feel in a good mood by just how happy he is.

Thank you, Nick, for being such an incredible example of our core value: ACCOUNTABILITY.


Compassionate: Pearl Toki – Certified Nurse Assistant

“Pearl is one of our most compassionate caregivers in our Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. The way she approaches our residents with a sense of care, kindness, compassion, and dignity is frequently pointed out by residents and family members. Pearl does what she can to make the resident feel safe, secure, and at home as much as you can while in a care facility.

Pearl approaches each resident with a cheerful hello, what can I do for you, is there anything else I can do with each contact. She doesn’t let the frustrations of the day interfere in her ability to care for each resident individually. I have observed this in Pearl when dealing with a difficult LTC resident needing much reassurance and attention. I receive more kudos from residents and family regarding Pearl that any other staff caregiver. Pearl goes above and beyond with a smile and a kind caring voice. Pearl not only addresses out residents in this manner but also her coworkers. Anytime I have asked Pearl to help out or let her know of a resident need she has been right there.”

Thank you, Pearl, for continually being the model example of our core value: COMPASSION.


Innovation: Nathan Scholes – Quality Data Designer & Analyst

“Nathan has worked tirelessly over the last year to create new approaches to how we receive and view data. He also has demonstrated an innovative approach to improving any process he can, not only to improve the process of delivering care but to improve workflows for all staff.”

“I want to nominate Nathan Scholes for his exceptional embodiment of our company’s core value of Innovation. Nathan’s ability to understand complex data and create solutions has made processes more efficient and effective. He has developed a new provider balanced scorecard reporting system that has provided us with invaluable insights and enabled us to make data-driven decisions.

“What sets Nathan apart is his empathy for everyone involved. He considers the impact of his solutions on all parties and cares about the overall experience. He collaborates openly and seeks the counsel of others, which are essential qualities of an innovative individual.

Nathan’s commitment to continually expanding his knowledge and producing innovative processes is an inspiration. His innovative mindset and ability to find new solutions have made a significant impact on our organization. I strongly recommend Nathan for this nomination and am confident he will continue to make a meaningful contribution to our company’s success.”

“I absolutely love working with Nathan Scholes! We’ve worked with him on multiple occasions, and each time I’m so impressed, not only with his crazy genius brain, but also his ability to capture our abstract ideas and help us make them concrete AND functional. Just the other day he came by to check on us, and pretty soon he sat down and created an entire program within minutes. Nathan is creative, kind, and is always trying to improve processes. He is my favorite team player, and the definition of innovative!”

“Nathan has worked hard this year on our provider scorecards and has created an amazing new scorecard. He has worked hard to change the process and my providers are very grateful for his dedication.”

“Nathan is always pushing to bring Bingham into the forefront of data and analytics. He seeks to understand and innovate in creative ways. Nathan’s ability to explore and understand complex quality and analytic data and present it to leaders, doctors, and nurses in a clear way is phenomenal. He is always looking for ways to improve efficiencies. He is an excellent example of innovation and being forward thinking.”

“Nathan learned entirely new skills in the span of six to nine months, and leveraged those to make an entirely new provider balanced scorecard reporting system. The new system enables automated, daily reporting, and patient-level drilldown capabilities, enabling providers to see which patients are involved with any given measure. The skills Nathan learned and applied are now being leveraged in numerous other projects, and will also be able to carry over when we move to Meditech. Very impressed and proud of what he’s accomplished.”

“Nathan has worked throughout the year to develop tools to quality to enable dashboards to be built. His contributions to the team are invaluable.”

“Nathan is amazing when it comes to creating innovative ways to do things. I have asked Nathan for ideas on how to make a process more efficient, and he always comes up with a solution or two. He not only comes up with the solution, he will create it and then make sure it’s working efficiently.  He created a QR code for the managers to use to collect hand hygiene data instead of using a paper form. This is just one example of the many innovative solutions he creates. I highly recommend Nathan for this award as he never backs down from an opportunity to be innovative and improve Bingham Healthcare!”

“Nathan has help create and innovate the Hospital by helping to implement tools and data into the Bingham culture. He has created tools to measure ACO adherence/performance, hand hygiene, provider performance, and much more.”

Thank you, Nathan, for being a true example of our core value: INNOVATION.


Teamwork: Candice Flowers – Pharmacy Technician

Candice is always so kind, caring, and compassionate. She is amazing at her job and is willing to help with anything you ask her and does her job at 110%. She always pitches in and helps wherever needed. 

Thank you, Candice, for being a remarkable example of our core value: TEAMWORK.

Leading By Example

As we see these exemplary individuals in the hall, may we each reflect upon our own actions and be reminded of what we stand for as an organization as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. To succeed in our important mission, we rely on one another as a diverse team of nearly 1,000 individuals—from physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, and food service workers to a dynamic housekeeping team, volunteers, administrators, and so much more—all of whom comprise the Bingham Healthcare family.

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