Jared Kam, MD, CAQSM

Specialities: Family Medicine, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine


Bingham Healthcare Specialty Clinic – Hospital Way

1151 Hosptial Way, Bldg. D Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Physician Bio

Bingham Healthcare is proud to introduce, Dr. Jared Kam, board certified in family medicine with a certificate of added qualification in sports medicine.

Dr. Kam is a native of eastern Idaho, having grown up in Sugar City. His wife Karissa was raised right here in Bingham County as well. Together they have four children: Michael, Landon, Alexis, and Brigham.

Dr. Kam’s family was one of the main inspirations leading him into the practice of medicine. Growing up, his brother suffered an accident that affected his eye. After spending hours interacting with the medical staff at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City, he and his family developed a strong respect for the medical staff.

“I thought a lot about becoming a doctor, and my father always instilled in me that I had the ability to succeed in any path I chose.” After his father’s untimely passing during his freshman year of college, that drive and motivation to succeed in medicine intensified. When it came to deciding which field of medicine to specialize in, Dr. Kam drew on one of his other passions: sports.

“I grew up playing sports all the time, including football and wrestling in high school,” he says. “As a physician I love being on the sidelines and relating to the athletes. I love the atmosphere of competition, physicality, and the intensity of sports.”

As a specialist in sports medicine and family medicine, Dr. Kam is able to treat both the on-the-field injuries that keep players sidelined and the nagging injuries and troubles many people suffer from their recreational activities and simply living life. If surgery is required, he is able to recommend patients to world-class orthopedic surgeons who are able to perform the surgery they need with precision accuracy and care.

“My approach to medicine is to get along with my patients,” he says. “I feel like I can relate to almost anyone. I try to take the time to get to know each person and what they’re going through. It’s more about developing a partnership with a patient, so they feel like they’re managing their care as well.”

When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Kam enjoys getting outside with his family, going for walks, camping and hiking.

Se habla Español

Professional Credentials

  • Bachelor's Degree in biology from Utah State
  • Medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee
  • Family medicine residency at McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden, Utah
  • Specialized in Sports Medicine where he completed a fellowship in Provo, Utah


Pocatello, Specialty Clinics

Bingham Healthcare Specialty Clinic – Hospital Way

1151 Hosptial Way, Bldg. D
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

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