Kabrina Leavitt, FNP-C

Speciality: Family Medicine


1st Choice Urgent Care & Family Medicine – Blackfoot

1350 Parkway Dr., Blackfoot, ID 83221

Physician Bio

We are pleased to introduce Kabrina Leavitt, family nurse practitioner (FNP-C), who works at Bingham Healthcare’s 1st Choice Urgent Cares throughout Eastern Idaho. We are so excited that Kabrina has chosen to work at a nurse practitioner with our urgent care team. She has been working as a nurse at Bingham since 2001. We are excited to see her transition from nurse to medical provider.

Kabrina assesses patients of all ages by performing a comprehensive history, physical examination, and appropriate diagnostic testing. She formulates plans to manage a patient’s condition medically and serves as a health information resource through interactions with patients and their families.

Specifically, she treats patients with acute illnesses including fever, dehydration, influenza, asthma exacerbation, pneumonia, accidental ingestion, appendicitis, bowel obstructions, gastroenteritis, serious bug bites, burns, abscesses, and other viral illnesses. She also treats patients with head injuries, migraines, lacerations, sprains, fractures, and dislocations.

She was born in Blackfoot, Idaho, and graduated from Battle Mountain High School. When she is not practicing medicine, she enjoys camping, fishing, and visiting with friends and family.

Professional Credentials

  • Bachelor of Nursing in nursing from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Completed her advanced practice nursing degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from Purdue Global University



1st Choice Urgent Care & Family Medicine – Blackfoot

1350 Parkway Dr., Blackfoot, ID 83221

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