Nathan Richardson, MD

Specialities: Orthopedics, Shoulder, Sports Medicine


Physician Bio

Bingham Healthcare is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Nathan Richardson to our orthopedic specialty program.

Dr Richardson was voted best doctor and best orthopedic surgery in Idaho State Journal Readers’ Choice Awards!
Throughout the past decade Dr. Richardson has been involved in research projects, publications and presentations on a variety of orthopedic topics, including rotator cuff repair, tibia, femoral and finger fractures, dislocations, tendonitis, and building resilience through exercise. He has been awarded prestigious honors in the course of his schooling and practice. In 2005 he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society for Medical Students, and is now a candidate member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr. Richardson’s passion for medicine was born out of his appreciation for the complexity of the human body and his desire to work with and around people. “I always wanted to have a job where I could interact on a daily basis with all sorts of people,” he says. “I like to do things with my hands; the traditional medical approach of giving a pill and waiting a month to see if anything happens didn’t appeal to me, which is why I enjoy orthopedics so much. You almost instantly get to see the fruits of your labors.”

A native of the mountain west, Dr. Richardson grew up in Kaysville, Utah before earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah. His approach to medicine is driven by a desire to truly connect with each patient.

“There is a certain way I’m able to relate to and interact with my patients that helps them feel comfortable,” he says. “I enjoy taking the time to explain what my patients are dealing with and how I’m going to help them.”

Dr. Richardson worked as a CNA during college as well as pulling the night shift at a nursing home. During residency he assisted the National Geriatric Society in their efforts to improve the coordination of care for fragility fractures. This ability to understand patient care from multiple angles helps him give the best care possible to every patient.

In his spare time, Dr. Richardson enjoys staying active with his wife and four daughters. His hobbies include skiing, photography, golf and soccer.

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Professional Credentials

  • Bachelor's: University of Vermont College of Medicine
  • Residency: Virginia Commonwealth University Health System in Richmond
  • Fellowship: Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the Center of Orthopedic Research and Education (CORE) Institute in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Board Certifications: Board Certified in Orthopedics


Soda Springs, Specialty Clinics

Caribou Medical Center – Visiting Specialist Clinic

300 South 3rd West
Soda Springs, ID 83276


Physicians & Surgeons Clinic of Pocatello

1151 Hospital Way, Building D, Pocatello, ID 83201


Watch Dr. Richardson's "Be Informed" Webinar
During this week’s “Be Informed” webinar, Nathan Richardson, MD, orthopedic surgeon, talks about and answers questions about his specialties, including elbow and shoulder surgery.

Please note that while a Bingham Healthcare provider is responding to the questions in this webinar, this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for an in-person, professional medical consultation. Always seek the advice of your physician, or schedule an appointment with this Bingham healthcare provider, to fully address any questions you may have about a medical condition, and prior to starting any new treatment(s). An in-person visit will allow a doctor to examine you and make an accurate diagnosis.

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