Congratulations to Our Servant’s Heart Recipients (Fourth Quarter of 2022)

We’re pleased to present you with our fourth quarter winners for 2022.

Medical Practitioner

Shandra Averett – FNP, CNM – Midwifery and Women’s Health Specialist

Nominated by Vanessa Perez, CMA

“Shandra is the most caring provider I’ve ever met. She ensures that her patients’ needs come first and is willing to do whatever it takes it ensure that they’re well taken care of and comfortable. She goes above and beyond for her patients, and she deserves to be recognized. She will never turn down a patient that needs to be seen. She remembers her patients and what they have gone through. She is genuinely the best. I hope she gets recognized for all she does and how much ‘heart’ she puts into her job.”

Nursing Team Member

Jace White, RN

Nominated by In-Patients on MedSurg

“Jace is very friendly and has a contagious enthusiasm that many of his patients experience. He learned the ‘Servant’s Heart’ mentality from his mother who taught him to treat people like it’s grandma and grandpa sitting in bed. By thinking this way, it helps him to develop rapport with his patients and in giving the best care possible.

“He often gets positive feedback from patients. Here’s one: A patient’s wife explained, ‘Jace made such a difference with my husband before and after surgery. Jace was just amazing. He made him feel comfortable and because of that the fear left, in large part to Jace’s jovial and fun-loving nature!

“Bingham is fortunate to have Jace, that ‘handsome young man with a great beard!’”

Support Team Member

Temala Baker, Psych Tech

Nominated by several team members at New Leaf

“Recently we had a patient admitted to our inpatient psychiatric unit who had come from a violent situation. In addition to her mental health condition, she was bruised, had some minor abrasions, and had severely matted hair. Her long hair was beautiful but some kind of mud or glue had caused it to become so matted that most would have simply shaved her head. Instead, Temala came in on her day off to help this patient save her hair. (I think this staff member even missed her classes at ISU to come in and help the patient.) Temala bought all of the supplies needed to work the glue out of the hair. It took her over 8 hours, but she got it out. The patient was so grateful and was moved to tears several times because someone cared enough to save her hair. Temala is an amazing example of someone who cares deeply for other people. She is compassionate and truly has a servant’s heart. We are fortunate to have her as part of the team!”

Thank you to all of the fourth quarter Servant’s Heart winners for all you do every day in providing compassionate and personalized care to every person you serve.

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