BMH Board Member Retires, and Two Member Positions Change

BLACKFOOT, ID – January 31, 2018 – Joseph Cannon has retired as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH). In addition, two members changed positions on the Board, a new Board Member was appointed to fill Mr. Cannon’s vacancy, and a new Chief of Medical Staff was introduced.

“I am extremely grateful for Mr. Cannon’s dedicated service to Bingham Memorial and the leadership he provided on the Board,” said Jake Erickson, CEO of BMH. “As Chairman, he was an important member who offered valuable oversight on important issues and thoughtful consideration of proposed changes to keep Bingham Memorial growing. Thank you, Mr. Cannon, for your time, wisdom, and dedication.”

New appointments include Wayne Brower as Chairman (formerly Vice Chair) and Gary Baumgartner as Vice Chair. Layne Van Orden remains on as Treasurer. In addition, Dr. David Peterson, orthopedic surgeon at BMH, was officially sworn in as a Board Member to fill the Board seat designated for the hospital’s Chief of Medical Staff, replacing Dr. Adam Wray, dermatologist at BMH. Dr. Wray was also appointed and sworn in as a member of the Board of Directors, filling the seat that Mr. Cannon vacated.

“I am confident that the Board will be well served with these changes,” said Mr. Erickson. “The diverse backgrounds, experiences, and unique perspectives of all Board Members are invaluable as Bingham Memorial continues to experience growth and remain sustainable. We are strategically positioned to move further into the future, significantly transforming the way healthcare is delivered throughout Eastern Idaho. I appreciate the commitment all of the Board Members have undertaken, and look forward to working closely with them to achieve many important goals, which will benefit Idahoans for years to come.”

All Board of Directors at BMH, as of January 2018.

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