Servant’s Heart 2024 – 1st Quarter Recipients

Our Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care. Congratulations to our 2024 – first quarter recipients!

Amanda Anthony

Nominated by Julie Lopez, Admissions
Received a letter in the mail written by a patient that said:
Financial Advocate Manger,
You did good when you hired Amanda. Thank you! Amanda showed patience
and grace helping me to understand my bill. Bosses need to know and appreciate
their employees who represent them well using courtesy and kindness in dealing
with and helping clients. Thank you! Sincerely truthfully – a pleased patient.

Kody Gould, PA-C
Family Medicine
Nominated by Amy Parslow, PSO Manager
Kody has been amazing this year; not only is he great with patients but he is always
willing to help me and Bingham. He has covered in urgent care in multiple locations
along with covering in the operating room for surgeries with multiple different
providers. He is always willing to help, and I feel like he goes above and beyond. His
schedule over the last year has been crazy and he provides the service with a smile.

Aimee Katseanes, RN
Nominated by Mattison Armstrong, Pharmacy Technician
Aimee goes above and beyond for all of her patients. She paid particular attention to a patient
who had multiple surgeries, which put the patient at a higher risk for complications. Aimee
checked on the patient when she came back on to her shift right before the patient was supposed
to be sent home. Because Aimee paid attention when the patient was giving her medical history
to the anesthesiologist, she got information that led her to believe the patient should not have
been discharged. She called the physician and informed her of her suspicion.
Aimee did not just clock out of work and forget about the patient; she was able to prevent what
could have been a very precarious situation. Her persistence and big heart made all the difference
in this situation.

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