Congratulations to Our 2024-25 Core Value Champions!

Congratulations to Cyndal Noble, Lydgia Hopson, Cristal Gonzalez, and Jessica Tabor for being nominated by your peers to represent Bingham Healthcare’s core values of accountability, compassion, innovation, and teamwork. We are proud to have you as part of the Bingham family!

Cyndal Noble : Innovation

Cyndal is an innovative registered nurse who has demonstrated remarkable initiative and creativity. She has streamlined the effectiveness of our onboarding programs in the nursing division, significantly enhancing the experience for both nurses and support staff. Her creative methods have ensured that all learners are reached effectively. As a result, our nurse onboarding and education system is now more efficient, yet still tailored to meet the needs of both new and existing staff. Additionally, Cyndal embraced the Meditech build, innovatively managing and teaching through the EMR transition with humor and a knack for boosting morale. She is truly an integral and valuable team member!

Lydgia Hopson : Compassion

A respiratory nurse requires exceptional patience and dedication as they help patients perform breathing tests, a challenging task especially when patients struggle to exhale or inhale deeply due to limited lung capacity. The encouragement and patience shown during these tests are remarkable, as patients often feel they are losing the battle to breathe. Lydgia exemplifies this patience, meticulously monitoring each step and continually encouraging patients to keep trying until the necessary results are achieved. She explains every step of the process from beginning to end, ensuring patients understand and feel supported. Lydgia excels at guiding patients through these tests, consistently achieving successful measurements. She is truly a blessing to our patients here at Bingham.

Cristal Gonzalez : Teamwork

Cristal is the receptionist for Idaho Falls Psych and consistently goes above and beyond for her team. She has trained new hires across all locations and assists with prior authorizations, ensuring smooth operations everywhere. During the Meditech transition, Cristal’s dedication was evident as she worked tirelessly to ensure her team and their patients had everything they needed for a successful transition. Her warm, friendly smile brightens every interaction, making her a standout team member.

Cristal exemplifies the qualities of a true team player: collaborative, compassionate, and dedicated to the greater good. Her selfless contributions have not only improved patient care but have also inspired us all to strive for excellence. Thank you for considering Cristal Gonzalez for this well-deserved honor. Her outstanding commitment to teamwork continues to positively impact our organization and the patients we serve.

Working at the Martha Clinic, Cristal supports psychology, dermatology, bariatrics, and psychiatry, always ready to help with a smile and positive attitude. She manages several providers and assists front desk receptionists in Blackfoot, expertly handling multiple tasks. Cristal’s willingness to help and her exceptional performance make her an invaluable asset. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

Jessica Tabor : Accountability 

Jessica is a perfect example of accountability! She makes sure the patients are taken care of and that her staff does as what they say they’ll do for the patients. Giving world class customer service to patients. 

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