City of Chubbuck to Receive its Own Medical Campus

CHUBBUCK, ID – December 15, 2017 – Today, at 4:30 p.m., Fahim Rahim, MD, along with various physician partners; Jake Erickson, CEO of Bingham Healthcare; and, Kevin England, Mayor of the City of Chubbuck, gathered at the Chubbuck City hall to hold a press conference. They officially announced plans for the Community Medical Campus development project, which will serve the citizens of the City of Chubbuck as well as provide greater access and more options for healthcare to Pocatello and all of Bannock County.

The Community Medical Campus, which will include multiple buildings, will be constructed in Chubbuck on an undeveloped 20-acre lot. The primary stakeholders in this development include physician partners, regional healthcare leaders, development partners, and Bingham Healthcare.

“The medical campus will offer inpatient, outpatient, and urgent care services,” said Dr. Fahim Rahim, local community physician. “The medical needs of those suffering from chronic diseases affecting the heart and kidneys will also be addressed at this facility, as well as orthopedic and primary care services, among others.”

In addition, the Community Medical Campus will collaborate with the Skyline Surgery Center in Pocatello. “Skyline Surgery Center has helped lead the way in providing low cost medical options in Bannock County,” said Dr. Rahim. “Our facilities will complement their ongoing work to provide low-cost, high-quality medical and surgical options in Pocatello and Chubbuck.”

In the late spring or early summer of 2018, ground will be broken on the Community Medical Campus. Once it is complete, there will be more than 35 doctors working there. The primary goal will be for world-class specialists to provide coordinated care to better meet patient needs. This is similar, but on a much larger scale, to the concept Dr. Rahim and partners have introduced to Idaho Falls—the Integrated Care Clinic, which will house Cardio Renal Centers of America and the Integrated Surgery and Vascular Center.

According to a recent Facebook post, Dr. Fahim said that his vision is to continue to build places of healing where several physicians can work under one roof and provide coordinated and integrated care. He believes that health care is very disjointed [right now] and [it’s unacceptable that] patients have to travel all over town and still don’t get affordable integrated care in a timely manner.

“When it comes to healthcare, Idahoans deserve the absolute best,” said Mr. Erickson. “We want to give everyone in Eastern Idaho more medical options to choose from. This innovative medical campus, which is quickly becoming a reality, and the future of medicine, represents our vision to improve the quality of personalized care for all patients.”

During the event, Mayor England signed a ‘Memorandum of Support’ in full support of the Community Medical Campus development project. He stated, “I applaud Dr. Rahim, Mr. Erickson, and all of the primary stakeholders involved in getting this project started for their hard work, forward-thinking, and dedication. They have become a vital and positive force throughout Eastern Idaho. Thank you for ensuring the future of medicine throughout Eastern Idaho—and especially here in Chubbuck—is truly in steady hands. It’s difficult not to be emotional knowing how this medical campus will positively impact the lives of so many Idahoans as well as the City of Chubbuck and surrounding areas, for many years to come.”

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