Flavored Ice Cubes

Liven up a tall glass of water with these beautiful ice cubes infused with berries, citrus fruits, cucumbers, ginger, mint, and more. Say goodbye to boring and hello to “oh-so-refreshing!” Your friends, family, and taste buds will thank you.

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Large Ice Cube Tray



Lemon, Ginger, and Green Tea


Lemon and Lime

Strawberry and Chopped Basil

Lavender and Mint


To make the ice cubes completely clear when frozen, boil a pot of water and let cool completely.

Choose a combination from the ingredient list above.

Cucumber – slice the cucumber into slices, place 3 slices each ice cube compartment, and freeze.

Lemon, Ginger, and Green Tea – slice lemon and ginger into small pieces and place in ice cube compartment. Instead of water, use green tea and freeze.

Grapefruit – slice the grapefruit into bite-sized pieces and place into ice cube tray. Add water and freeze.

Lemon and Lime – slice the lemon and lime into small pieces and place into ice cube tray. Add water and freeze.

Strawberry and Basil – slice the strawberries into small pieces. Chop fresh basil. Add both to ice cube tray, add water and freeze.

Lavender and Mint – place a fresh bud of lavender into the ice cube tray with chopped fresh mint. You can also use dried lavender. Add water and freeze.

Recipe modified from letsmingleblog.com

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