Servants Heart Award Winners (2023, 2nd Quarter)

Medical Practitioner: Dr. Brian Hopkins, DO – Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine

“Dr. Brian Hopkins is a family & addiction medicine doctor and the current medical director at Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (SNRC). He wears many hats as a doctor, mentor, father, husband, friend, advocate, confident, and Captain in the Army, just to name a few.   “He regularly demonstrates the quality of a servant’s heart in his ability to listen receptively to patients, their families, co-workers, and other providers with a non-judgmental heart. Dr. Hopkins demonstrates a human of trust, accountability and humility. Patients find him very relatable which in turns creates a trusting relationship.   “I have witnessed Dr. Hopkins as a leader at SNRC with patients, staff, family and other providers. He leads by example with his kindness, humility, and jovial zest for life. His authentic nature helps those around him feel comfortable. His stewardship in caring for our patients at SNRC not only benefits them and those caring for them, but also the institution as a whole, Bingham, healthcare in general.   “He doesn’t do things half way, and even on his days off (which I don’t think truly exist in his world) he is thinking about patients, ‘what did we miss, what can we do better, how can we improve this.’ He spends most Sunday’s seeing patients at SNRC, reviewing charts and making sure we are providing the best care. More than once he has sent a text, a phone call, or discussion in person: ‘Hey I did some more reading and I think we need to think of this or I read this on Up-to-Date.’   “In a world where we often grow jaded, he offers a breath of fresh air and motivates others to do better.”  Nominated by Tiffany Willliams, SNRC

Nurse: Sierra Rodriquez, RN, Grove Creek Medical Center

“Patient advocacy is one of the most important roles of being a nurse, but at times one of the most difficult to do. To be an advocate is to be someone who will speak in support of their patients, recommend interventions to providers to benefit the patients, plead for their patient’s cause, and educate patients on their rights. It is an essential part of providing quality care.

Sierra exemplifies this with every patient, every shift she works. She strives to make every patient encounter positive and advocates tirelessly for those she cares for. Recently, we had a very sensitive, difficult situation where we knew the mom would not be able to take care of her baby after it was born, due to mental illness. Sierra took it upon herself to ensure that the patient received the best care possible. She didn’t see her as a difficult patient that no one would want to take care of or deal with. Instead, she advocated for her within our facility, with our providers, with ancillary services, and with outside community services. She even came in on her day off to call the facility this patient was residing in—to make sure we knew everything in order to provide excellent care while she was here. She then proceeded to volunteer her time to care for her during the entire length of her hospital stay. She communicated with her peers the plan of care she had created and informed them of the level of care she would need. She always treated this woman with respect and compassion, and helped her enjoy her baby as long as she could. Sierra is compassionate and caring and has a heart for the broken, and downtrodden. She is the perfect nominee for the Servant’s Heart award and I hope you will consider her for this honor.” Nominated by Patty Killian

Everyone: Kristie Watson, Manager of Radiology

“I would like to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude to Kristie Watson for her exceptional actions. While I was waiting on the ER ramp, Kristie was walking into work carrying two bags and a large water jug. As she was making her way up the ramp, she noticed an elderly gentleman heading in the opposite direction who seemed lost and disoriented. Without hesitation, Kristie approached the gentleman and offered her assistance. He had just left the hospital after visiting someone and was having trouble locating his white pick-up truck. Kristie kindly asked for his keys and went up and down the rows in the MOB lot in search of the vehicle. After about five minutes, I saw Kristie jogging towards the back lot by the SNRC, still determined to help the gentleman. She finally found the truck and ensured that the man could leave the campus without any further issues.

“I am extremely proud to work alongside individuals like Kristie, who go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that our patients and visitors never feel helpless. Her actions exemplify our core values and display a Servant’s Heart. She demonstrated the level of dedication we strive for as a team. Once again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Kristie for her remarkable display of kindness. Thank you for being a part of our team!” Nominated by Anonymous

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