Servant’s Heart Recipients – 2023 3rd Quarter

Congratulations to Our Servant’s Heart Recipients (Third Quarter of 2023)

Medical Practitioner

Kristopher R. Shannon, MD– Emergency Medicine

Nominated by: Cameron Nelson, PA-C

“I nominate Dr. Ryan Shannon for the Servant’s Heart Award, recognizing his outstanding commitment and compassionate care towards coworkers in the emergency department and at the urgent care where I work. Through numerous interactions over the past two years, he has consistently demonstrated qualities that make him an exceptional physician and a true servant at heart. Whenever I have had the privilege of reporting patient cases to Dr. Shannon from the urgent care clinics, he demonstrates genuine kindness, warmth, and approachability.

“His demeanor reflects a deep sense of empathy and concern for the well-being of everyone he encounters. On multiple occasions, he has gone above and beyond by offering valuable insights, feedback, and ideas about the patient’s condition, showcasing his commitment to collaborative and patient-centered care. The trust and respect he extends to his colleagues create a supportive and cohesive healthcare environment. His positive attitude, willingness to listen, and eagerness to see every patient demonstrates his deep-rooted passion for serving others. His genuine happiness in fulfilling his role as a physician is infectious and has a remarkable impact on the entire healthcare team.”

Nursing Team Member

Milissa Labato, RN – MedSurg Nurse

Nominated by: Holly Davis, RN, BSN, MBA

“As a nurse, Milissa consistently shines with her bright and positive attitude, approaching each day with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to excel. Her unwavering commitment to patient care is exemplified by the heartwarming story shared by a grateful patient, who said, ‘I love my morning coffee. My nurse would buy me a coffee when she bought her morning coffee, even when she wasn’t my nurse for the day. She was excellent. I felt so cared for.’ This quote from a patient speaks volumes about Milissa’s exceptional ability to go above and beyond to make patients feel valued and cared for. Her small yet meaningful gesture of purchasing a morning coffee for the patient, regardless of her assignment, demonstrates her genuine compassion and dedication to their well-being.

“Milissa’s actions embody the spirit of the Bingham Healthcare Servant’s Heart Award, as she consistently goes the extra mile to ensure her patients’ well-being and comfort. Milissa joined Bingham Healthcare as an experienced RN, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment is evident through her active involvement in assisting with student and new employee onboarding. Milissa’s willingness to share her knowledge and guide others exemplifies her exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the growth and success of her colleagues.”

Support Team Member

Holley Barela – Occupational Therapy Assistant (TD Therapy)

Nominated by: Kami Jones, RN

“I want to nominate Holley Barela, a remarkable certified occupational therapy assistant, for the Bingham Healthcare Servant’s Heart Award. Holly’s unwavering commitment to providing excellent patient care sets her apart as a shining example of dedication and compassion. She consistently goes above and beyond in her role to ensure that her patients achieve their therapy goals. With an exceptional work ethic, she can be found tirelessly navigating from one room to another, ensuring that each patient receives the attention and care they deserve.

“What truly distinguishes Holly is her innate compassion and kindness towards her patients. It is evident that she always has their best interests in mind, as she genuinely connects with them on a personal level. Patient comments abound with expressions of admiration for Holly, describing her as kind and genuinely caring. Her empathetic nature creates a sense of trust and comfort, allowing patients to feel truly valued and cared for.”

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