Acid Reflux Disease

Are you aware that 21 million Americans experience acid reflux two or more times a week?

Occasional heartburn, caused by spicy food during dinner, is normal. However, when the burning happens more than twice a week, it can indicate a serious problem, Acid Reflux Disease.

How often do you suffer from heartburn?

Reflux disease is caused when the valve at the top of your stomach no longer closes properly. This allows the acid in your stomach to reflux, or flow back up your throat.

The acid, while in your throat, causes the common symptoms of heartburn. It can also cause difficulties swallowing, hoarseness, a persistent cough, swelling, burning, and even sleeping problems.

Treating acid reflux begins with lifestyle modifications. Avoiding foods that trigger heartburn, and changing the position you sleep in are two easy ways to reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Maintaining a healthy weight and not eating late at night can also reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.

After these changes, over-the-counter antacids and other medications can help.

Unfortunately, acid reflux is a progressive disease – meaning that medications and lifestyle changes cannot slow or prevent acid reflux from happening.

If you have difficulty swallowing, symptoms persist with medications, or you have heartburn more than twice a week, it may be time to see a physician.

Bingham Memorial offers a new solution to relieve acid reflux. Our minimally invasive surgeon can now reconstruct the barrier between the stomach and throat, which prevents acid reflux. No more pills. No more pain. To watch a video about this procedure, click here.

Don’t let acid reflux stop you from enjoying life. Dr. Lisa A. Medvetz can help you.

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