Bingham Memorial Hospital Establishes New Center for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

  • Today, Bingham Memorial Hospital announced the establishment of the Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine & International Autoimmune Institute. This new center brings the functional medicine model to the hospital setting. It is the first of its kind west of the Mississippi River, and the only other type of facility similar to this in the country is at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.Functional medicine is a personalized medical model where a diverse group of healthcare practitioners work closely together with patients to address the underlying causes of chronic and autoimmune diseases. As such, the Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine & the International Autoimmune Institute were designed with one goal in mind—the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases.“We’re excited to be leading the way in the West by being the first to bring integrative medicine to a hospital setting,” says Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital. “The Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine & the International Autoimmune Institute will provide hope and healing to many people from around the world who have not found answers through traditional medical avenues.”Bingham Memorial Hospital has named Dr. David Bilstrom, a world renowned integrated medicine specialist, as the Director of the program. With over 25 years of diverse medical experience, Dr. Bilstrom is triple board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Functional and Regenerative Medicine, and Medical Acupuncture. He has extensive experience in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicines.Taking the mind, body, and spirit into consideration, Dr. Bilstrom understands firsthand the benefits integrated medicine can provide to patients. “By using an unprecedented blend of traditional and functional medical practices, we want to give people hope and improve the health and well-being of our patients,” explains Dr. Bilstrom. “We will be using the latest available knowledge from around the world to shed more and more light on the invisible epidemic surrounding chronic and autoimmune diseases.”

    Patients from around the world with chronic health issues see Dr. Bilstrom because their doctors have performed every exam possible, often times being told that their tests look normal, and, yet, they aren’t closer to feeling any better. He takes a mind, body and spirit approach—looking at every aspect of a patient to understand why their body is moving towards illness and disease instead of towards wellness. Dr. Bilstrom’s primary goal is to find the best healing intervention for each individual patient.

    “I take great pride in my work, helping patients improve their lives through better healthcare every day. I have treated patients from all walks of life with numerous health needs,” says Dr. Bilstrom. Althoughtreatment for each patient is tailored to individual goals and needs, one aspect remains constant—each patient is respected, valued and treated with utmost care and priority.

    The Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine & International Autoimmune Institute is located on the Bingham Memorial Hospital campus in Blackfoot in the Bingham Specialty Plaza. To learn more visit;

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