Bingham Memorial Hospital with Idaho Kidney Institute Announces the Construction of a State-of-the-Art Dialysis Center

Bingham Memorial Hospital announced today that Bingham County Commissioners approved a land lease for a 1-acre lot north of the Medical Plaza building on Poplar Street. This lot will be the future home of Idaho Kidney Institute.

For nearly 10 years, Idaho Kidney Institute has provided nephrology and dialysis services to residents of Bingham County. In recent years, Idaho Kidney Institute has outgrown the existing dialysis unit operated within Bingham Memorial Hospital. In addition to the increased space, the new standalone building will include the latest technology in the region for the care and comfort of patients suffering from kidney failure.

Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim share Bingham Memorial Hospital’s mission of providing world-class healthcare to eastern Idaho. Our partnership with these extraordinary doctors has brought nephrology and dialysis services to Bingham County and has provided health and hope to patients throughout the region. We value our relationship with these fine men who are not only great doctors but devoted humanitarians and appreciate their commitment to outstanding patient care and services.

As a result of our strong partnership and work together over the past decade, we have paved the way with the help of Bingham County Commissioners to bring a new, state-of-the-art dialysis center to the grounds of Bingham Memorial Hospital.

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